Sold **Level 274 account - Multiple 7/7 including new Light set** Quick sale!! £40

Discussion in 'Dragon Project Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by UK_seller, 8/11/18.

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    Looking for a new home for my account. I won't be able to play Dragon project anymore even though I've invested a lot of time and money into the game. Still plenty of event quest to do for gems and tickets.

    Dragon Project Acc lvl 274 £40 (GBP)


    7/7 Alabaster Ciel + 1 tablet in inventory
    4/7 Necroth (Dark Soul spear)
    7/7 Nura (Lightning SnC) *Max LB*
    7/7 Aragami (Water Soul GS)
    6/7 Yurami (Earth Soul GS)
    3/7 Ayame (Fire SnC)
    5/7 Perioph (Water Heat DB)
    5/7 Thalmus (Lightning Heat Spear)
    5/7 Leonids (Earth Heat SnS)
    4/7 Horus (Astral DB)
    4/7 Ovidius (Fire Heat GS)
    3/7 Lich (Earth Heat GS)
    3/7 Zylant (Water Heat GS)
    3/7 Tzaran (Lightning Soul DB)
    3/7 Dusk Sakura (Lightning Heat DB)

    #MAGI SS

    Quad Aegis, Undulance Cloak, Firestorm Cloak, Subjugating blade, 2 x Zapheres, 2 x Gift for all, Blazing Palms, Altair Blade, Neptune's Impaler, Fireworks!, Merry Christmas, Frozen Water Rush, Cupids Bolts, Chilling Embrace, 2 x Resolute Symphony, Tsunami, Meteor Strike, Bloody Blaze.
    Survivors Grit (New)

    Gold: 11.4 Mil


    Gold Potion x 156
    EXP Potion x 146
    Gold Elixir x 70
    Luck Elixir x 65
    EXP Elixir x 50
    Luck Potion x 30
    Hunter Elixir x 5
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.