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Discussion in 'Idle Heroes Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Kabakas, 6/3/17.

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    Hey, I have had this account for a while and haven't played for around half a year maybe less. I found out I can use this website to sell accounts so I thought why not right?

    Level: 99
    VIP: 2
    Stage: 9.5
    Gems: 1641
    Coins: 13M
    Main Heroes:
    6* - Starlight - Lvl 140
    6* - Baade - Lvl 140
    5* - Faceless - Lvl 100
    5* - Fat Mu - Lvl 100
    5* - Lord Balrog - Lvl 100

    I do not have any monsters because I haven't played for so long, I do not even have a clue what they are but I have 99 of the monster souls and 8 Chaos stones to start on it; you will not see them in the picture I got them after I took the screenshot.

    Finally, this is a trade if you will give me an acceptable price that I like then I will be happy to trade my account :) I will make a buy now link after the price will be made.
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