Sold [HoT] 5 lvl80's, 1 legendary,1 precursor & HoT + LS2&3 8538 AP

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    1. Tempest female human (main) lv 80, full ascended + legendary staff, 500 tailoring, 500 artificer
    2. Herald female norn, lv80, 500 armorsmith & weaponsmith, asc chest, legs, gloves, amulet,rings, sword & staff
    3. Thief female human, lv80, ascended dagger + rings + gloves
    4. Druid sylvari female, lv80 + ascended rings
    5. Chronomancer asura female, lv80,400 cooking + jeweler
    6. Reaper female asura, lv80, Full exotic + Ascended backpack,accessories, rings & amulet (all condi)
    • Bifrost
    • Precursor dagger: Spark(not soulbound)
    • 8/13 for legendary backpack "Ad Infinitum"
    Gold bank: 101G
    Gold inventory worth: 500G +- (calculated without precursor) (700g if you count untradables like the 46 lumps of mithrilliums
    AP: 8538
    Laurels: 56
    Gems: 24
    Got HoT expansion + complete LS2 & 3.
    Mastery rank: 168
    PvP rank: 14
    WvW rank: 23
    Lots of titles (see screenshots) Titles 1.png titles 2.png

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    I accept offers (only good ones ofcourse)

    Gw2.png mastery.png
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