Selling  Europe  Level 100 or Higher  5 or Higher High Value, level 100 War Thunder Account(Clean Email included), over 60 Premium vehicles

Discussion in 'WarThunder Accounts for Sale' started by Arch91, 9/19/20.

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    High value level 100 War Thunder Account with 20 days of Premium time 1,5 million SL.

    Ive spent around 900 euros on that account but got bored with it after such a long time.

    It has over 62 premium vehicles including tier VI premium tanks for most nations, Talismans for tier 7 Tanks for US GER and USSR and many more.

    US Premiums> XM-1 GM, Cobra King, M18 Black Cat, F-86-F35 Sabre, P51-D20-NA Mustang, P47 M1-RE, XP-38G, Thac's F2a, UH-1C-XM30

    German Premiums> LeopardA1A1 L44, KV-1c 756, Panzer IV/70A, Panzer IV Befehlswagen, Brummbär, PzSfl.Ic, SdKfz 140/1, SeaHawk Mk 100, FW 190 D13, Ta 154 A1, He112 B1/U2, Flegels Bf109A, Mi 24P HFS 80

    USSR Preimums: T55-AM1, Object 120, IS-6, T-34-57 (1943), KA-50, Mig 15 ish, P47-D27, TIS-MA

    Great Britain: Shot Kal Dalet, Centurion Action X, Sherman IC, QF 37 Ram, Achilles 65 Reg. G-Lynx, Hunter FGA 9, Spitfire FR Mk 14e, Typhoon Ib

    Japanese Premiums: Ho-Ri Prototype, Heavy Tank No. 6, Chi-Nu II, A7M1 NKH9, F4U-1A,

    China: T-62 No 545, Shenyang F5,

    Italy: OF-40 MTCA, A-129 International, G55S, Hs 129 B-2, IAR 81C

    France: AMX-30, Somua SM, AMX 13 SS11, Panther Dauphine, S.O. 8000 Narval

    Sweden: CV90105 TML, J29D

    TALISMANS: M1 Abrams, IPM1, Leopard2A5, Leopard2A4, FlaRakPz1, LeopardA1A1, AradoC3, T-80U, T-80B, T64B, ZPRK 26s, Conqueror, VickersMBT, Centurion Mk10, Caernarvon, Fv4202, Fiat 6614, AUBL/74

    For Screenschots please PM.

    The price is 300 euros, clean Email account included.

    Accepting Paypal or Bank Transfer