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    Top andriod 2 english account for sale
    i got an account that i want to sell its a high tier account for 1300$, cant go any lower than this,what the account has:
    Chrono keeper 220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 35)
    penthesilea 220(with masteries)(with ghost admiral skin)(enlightenment 35)
    pyriel 220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 35)
    xaphan 220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment35)
    reene ven 220(some masteries)(deep sea skin)(enlightenment 27)
    officer reigndeer220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 27)
    enchantress 220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 25)
    storm rider 220(with some masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 25)
    tidal guardian 220(with masteries)(no skin)(enlightenment 25)
    dijinni 220(no masteries)(desert prince skin)(enlightenment 25)
    glory priestess(no masteries)(enlightenmnet 25)
    all the above heroes have glyph sets and enchnats lv on them (except storm), my other heroes dont have sets or enchnats but are high level:
    won ton 200(enlightenment 25)
    abyss demon 200(enlightenment 25)
    great sage 210 (enlightenment 25)
    toxic shaman 220(enlightenment 25)
    ambrosia 220(enlightenment 25)
    air elite 204(enlightenment25)
    imp mistress 220 (enlightenment 25)

    iron clad 203(enlightenment 25)
    arcane caster 201(enlightenment 25)
    hydrasaur 200(enlightenment 25)
    block head 200(enlightenment 25)
    oan goli200(enlightenment 25)
    carol 200(enlightenment 25)
    sapphirix 200(enlightenment 25)
    rath 200(enlightenment 25)
    wolvenfiend 200(enlightenment 25)
    demon slayer 200(enlightenment 22)
    chiron 200(enlightenment 5)
    arctic lord 200(enlightenment 4)
    landslide 200(enlightenment 4)
    berserker 200(enlightenment 4)
    bukkhead 200(enlightenment 4)
    ravager 200(enlightenment 4)
    skull mage 200(enlightenment 4)
    thats all the enlightened heroes and now for the other non enlightened heroes/aid heroes:
    pan goli x3 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    sapphirix x2 (lv 200)(x1 skill lv20)
    penthesilea x1 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    storm rider x5 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    berserker x4 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    arcane caster x4 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    ravager x4 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    xaphan x4 (lv 180-200)(skill lv20)
    bull head x1 (lv 200)(skill lv20)
    block head x3 (lv 180-200)(skill lv20)
    arachne x1 (lv 175)(skill lv20)
    chaos ember x1 (lv 160)(skill lv25)
    nightmare morpho (lv 145)(skill lv20)
    and other heroes sitting in the hero bag at level 1 that can be used for shrads if needed
    my equipments:
    spear x2 (lv 220)(empower 31 & 20)(empowered skill 14 &7)
    hammer (lv 220)(empower 40)(empowered skill 20)
    abhorrent aegis (lv 215)(empower 21)(empowered skill 7)
    repulsive rod x3 (lv 200-210)(empower 10-14)(empowered skill 1-7)
    thorned bow x2 (lv 200-210)(empower 10)(empower skill 1-4)
    thunder blade x6(200-210)(empower x1 20 rest are 10 or lower)
    aegis(lower level)x2(200)(empower 1)
    trytanst brand x5(200)(empower 1-10)
    dragon heart x5(200)( 4 of them are empower 10 and last one is at empower 6 with empower skill unlocked)
    demonic axe x5 (200)(empower 1-10)
    the guild bot:
    skills unlocked:
    ambrosia skill lv7
    landslide skill lv6
    rath divine lv 6
    dijinni divine lv10
    toxic shaman fortitude lv5
    enchantress fortitude lv 7
    officer reigndeer fortitude lv 10
    demon slayer insight lv5
    arcane caster insight lv10
    ravager aid lv 6
    storm rider aid lv4
    berserker aid lv 8
    DMG RED lv 5
    many other parts unlocked but lv 1
    i have at the time of this writing 2251 mech wrenches////1936 mech screws
    at the time of this writing i have 53k spirits in shrads
    7675 morpho shards
    5525 chaos ember shards
    and many other heroes with shards or lv1 in hero bag that can be harvested
    i have many items in bag, im saving up the resources and im not using them so that when the account is bought,new owner can have some fun.
    55k jewels
    21k rings
    23k mutagen
    im doing dailies so the amount of resources will increase
    you can also find the account in andriod 2 enlglish names 4sale1300
    rank 10-20 in trophy rankings
    rank 1 in continent 44
    in superEvolution guild
    when you buy you can stay in super evolution FAMILY GUILD such as super legion, twisted chaos or respect(lowerlevel guild) if we see that you can play well then you can join the main guild for llg then once llg is done you can go back to the other family, or you can take the account to another guild, once bought i dont own the account anymore so i cant force you to stay in the guild so you can leave if you want no problem
    like i said at the start price is 1300 and am not going any lower because the original price was 1500
    if you are interested in buying i can ofcourse provide pictures and prove im the owner and show you that im trust worthy
    i wont give you access to the account until payment has been confirmed to be made, also if you want i can bring a reliable middle man who is also the biggest clash of lords youtuber named gamingkomar, becuase he has a yt he wouldnt even dare to try and scam, a reason that he is trustworthy
    you can contact me in discord name:Monk-e-FetusEater#0951
    line app:Monk-E
    or you can just send a friend request in game and i will accept
    i can talk with voice chat if needed aswell.
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