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    Excellent opportunity to put your hands on high end top account for ABX on Marvel Future Fight!

    Price: 250 dollars
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Line ID: Rodrigo
    Phone number: +55 19 99128-1487

    Please contact me for screenshots.

    We can always talk about price, don’t be ashamed and feel free to ask.

    IGN: Ryudragod
    Aliança: HeroesLegacy Z
    VIP level: VIP 10 (12000 crystals to VIP 11)

    Account was carefully build for ABX with lots of CTP of Rage and Insight for all days.

    If you wish to know more about the account score on ABX look for my channel on YouTube: Ryudragod


    Premium and semi Premium Cards already equipped for achieving high scores on ABX.


    14 CTPs of Rage
    5 CTPs of Insight
    2 CTPs of Regeneration
    5 CTPs of Energy
    4 CTPs of Destruction
    And others spread through the account

    The account is loaded with Odins Blessings specially on the characters that are meta for ABX.

    The inventory is also loaded with upgrade tickets for new characters, Exp chips for uniforms, many 6 stars cards for rerolling, lots of 6 stars urus and even more Odins Blessings. The account is even more loaded with T2 materials, materials for at least 3 more T3 characters and potential awakening characters.

    The account already has all the materials to T3 Odin right away and even more to spare, no problem with that.

    The account has 4 premium special icons to even further put your own personal touch on the account.

    I will only stop playing when the account is sold so be sure that the materials available in the inventory will keep growing.

    The account will be passed to the new owner through Facebook connection. The account is linked to an exclusive Facebook account only for itself. The new owner will also gain access to all e-mails and Google accounts related to the Facebook and game account to be sure that only the new owner will be the one to have 100% full access to it.

    The new owner of the account will even receive a gift which is full access to the YouTube channel “Ryudragod”, he will be the new owner of the channel along with all subscribers to post even more ABX videos!

    Those who are interested we can always discuss price, so don’t be shy, feel free to ask and be sure to make your offer.

    Also if you have any more questions about the account or any other subject related to it you can always ask at any time of the day, I am almost always available on Line App. Buying from me you are guaranteed to receive an excellent account with no problems or anything to be worried about, THE ACCOUNT WILL BE YOURS AND YOURS ONLY!

    Price: 250 dollars
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Line ID: Rodrigo
    Phone number: +55 19 99128-1487
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