[Help] WeaponMgr Client Error 28_3

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    I get Client error 28_3 everytime I use a feature related to WeaponMgr like anti all boom, etc...

    I tried this fix

    bool isReady = false;
    typedef struct
    BYTE Data[0x3000];
    } WeaponMgrCopy;

    WeaponMgrCopy* Weapons[800];

    void backup(DWORD CShell,DWORD WeaponMgr)
    DWORD pWeaponMgr = *(DWORD*)(CShell+WeaponMgr );
    for(int i=0;i<=800;i++)
    DWORD Weapon = (*(DWORD*)(pWeaponMgr + (4*i)));
    if (Weapon != NULL)
    Weapons = new WeaponMgrCopy;
    memcpy(Weapons, (void*)(Weapon), 0x1400);

    WeaponMgrCopy* bypass (int GunIndexNR)
    return Weapons[GunIndexNR];

    void MakeCall(BYTE* paddress, DWORD yourfunction, DWORD dwlen)
    DWORD dwOldProtect, dwBkup, dwRelAddr;
    VirtualProtect(paddress, dwlen, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &dwOldProtect);
    dwRelAddr = (DWORD) (yourfunction - (DWORD) paddress) - 5;
    *paddress = 0xE8;
    *((DWORD*) (paddress + 0x1)) = dwRelAddr;
    for(DWORD x = 0x5; x < dwlen; x++) *(paddress + x) = 0x90;
    VirtualProtect(paddress, dwlen, dwOldProtect, &dwBkup);
    Then I called it before memory hack like this
    But when I use this in game, There is no effect ! no feature is working.

    Is there something wrong I did ?
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