Sold Hello ! Lord player i m selling my smurf and offer boosting service even until LORD ! Smurf is LORD!

Discussion in 'DOTA Underlords Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by dNgrr, 9/14/19.

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    Hello ! this is my smurf account that i'm selling-
    - Lord
    - 15090mmr
    - compendium level almost 23
    . Also, I offer boosting service. If you want to speak with me, feel free to make an account and you can ask me anything you want on this website! Have a great day and thank you for the interest in my account and don't hesitate to contact me for anything you want regarding the account or the boosting service ! I can boost until LORD, but the boosting price after Big Boss 1 will increase gradually ( for example from bb1 to bb2 - 10 $, but from smuggler 1 to smuggler 2 only 5$ ). Have a nice day !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.