Selling [H]Big List o'games [W]Subnautica PC, Monster Hunter World PC

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    Looking for just those two, or Paypal. Willing to give multiple games to equal the value of either of them.

    -Conan Exiles

    -Hearts of Iron IV

    -Portal Knights

    -Cook, Serve, Delicious 2

    -Styx: Shards of Darkness


    -Destiny 2 PC(Plus Planet of Peace emblem)

    -Kerbal Space Program

    -Dead Rising 4


    -NBA Playgrounds

    -Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    -Outlast 2

    -Mafia III + Sign of the Times

    -Endless Space Collection

    -Planetary Anhillation: TITANS


    -Civilization VI


    -Life is Strange Ep1-5


    -Rivals of Aether

    -The Sexy Brutale

    -Resident Evil 5 Gold

    -Dead Rising 2

    -Rise of the Tomb Raider


    -Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GotY

    -Pillars of Eternity


    -Offworld Trading Company

    -Galactic Civilizations III


    -This is the Police

    --Dirt Rally

    -Layers of Fear Masterpiece Editions

    -Stardew Valley

    -Guacamelee Gold

    -Guacamelee Super Turbo

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