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    What are the buyer fees when sending payment using Amazon?
    0% Buyer Fees. If a seller listed a product for sale for $100, you pay only $100.

    How do I send a payment using Amazon?
    1). Go to this link:

    2). Skip to Step 3 where it says: "Enter your gift card details"
    3). Amount: "Select my own" and enter the amount the seller is asking for his product in USD
    4). Recipient E-mail: [email protected]
    5). Your Name: Enter your name here
    6). Message: Provide your PlayerUp Username
    7). Quantity: "1"
    8). Delivery Date: "Now"
    9). Click "Proceed to checkout"
    10). Enter your credit card details, checkout, and complete your order
    11). Once your payment has been completed, open a ticket with Middleman to start your order, and provide the URL of the item you purchased / sellers username.


    What if I have already purchased an Amazon Gift Card?
    We currently no longer accepting gift cards that have been bought. All cards must be purchased through the Amazon website.

    What if I already have an existing Amazon Gift Card Balance?
    If you have already applied Amazon Gift Card Credit to your Amazon Account, then you won't be able to use this credit to purchase products on this website. Your existing Amazon Gift Card Balance isn't transferable and can only be used to purchase Products.

    What are the advantages to using Amazon to send a payment?

    - No buyer fees
    - No refund fees
    - No verification is required
    - No merchant fees
    - No hidden fees
    - No restrictions or limits
    - Fast payment

    Who do I contact after I have sent a payment?
    Private Message Middleman Here

    How do I contact support if I need assistance with sending a payment?
    Private Message Middleman Here

    Can you send me an invoice?
    Yes. Private Message Middleman Here

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