Guide - How To Send and Receive Payment by Cryptopia

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    How do I send payment using Cryptopia?HideExpand

    1). Go to your cryptopia account, go to your wallets page or link or Transfer Page, select your currency you'll be sending us and send directly to the cryptopia username PlayerUp

    2). The amount you send is the amount the seller has listed the item for sale. If the item is being sold for $100, you send $100 worth of whichever crypto you're sending with.

    3). Complete This Form after you have sent payment.

    4). Wait for a middleman agent to activate your order. If you have additional questions, Open A Ticket Here.

    How do I receive payment using Cryptopia?HideExpand

    When filling out your payment form inside your private conversation ticket, all we'll need is your cryptopia username associated with your cryptopia account. For example, our username is PlayerUp. Provide this information in the additional information box.

    What are the fees to use Cryptopia?HideExpand

    Cryptopia allows users who have a cryptopia account to receive free cryptocurrency transfers without the network fee. Simply provide us your cryptopia username & we can send any cryptocurrency to you supported by cryptopia directly to your cryptopia account


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