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    What information do you need from me to deposit funds into my perfectmoney account?

    We will need your perfectmoney account number (Example: U12749679). When entering your payment information, post this in the Additional Information Box.

    What currency do you use to send payments?
    We only send USD so we will need an account number that starts with the letter U.

    What are the seller fees when sending payment using Perfect Money?

    0.5%-2.00% Seller Fees. However, if you're using PlayerUp Middleman Services then they cover these seller fees by adding 2.00% to your balance due.

    How do I receive payment using Perfect Money?
    1). Signup or signin to this website -
    2). Provide your e-mail address
    3). Receive payment
    4). Cashout your funds here and withdraw them -

    What are the advantages to using Perfect Money to send a payment?
    - One of the cheapest payment options
    - Multiple ways to deposit and withdraw payments

    How do I deposit and withdraw funds?

    How do I setup an account?

    How do I contact support if I need assistance with receiving this payment?
    Please message @Middleman through your Private Conversation Ticket.

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