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    How do I send payment to you using Ethereum (ETH)?
    1). Send to this Ethereum Address: 0xcfa07B6d4d1b8E4497236facAcF763F1f1954d09 or if you're using Coinbase send to [email protected]

    2). Send the amount (If a seller listed a product for sale for $100, you pay only $100)

    3). After you have sent payment, open a ticket here with Middleman support and provide the URL of the item you're purchasing as seen in the image below:


    4). Wait for a middleman agent to update your order

    What are the advantages to using this payment option?
    - 0% buyer fees
    - 0% seller fees
    - No refund fees
    - No verification is required
    - No merchant fees
    - No hidden fees
    - No restrictions or limits
    - Account can never be closed
    - Instant payment
    - Worldwide payment

    How do I receive payment?

    Similar to PayPal, instead of using an e-mail address to send payment, you use our eth address which can be found above.

    Who do I contact after I have sent payment?
    Private Message Middleman Here

    How do I contact support if I need assistance with sending a payment?
    Private Message Middleman Here

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