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    Step 1: Order Is Activated
    Once an order is activated, you will see 2 conversation tickets displayed here

    Step 2: Submit Your Payment Information
    Once you have completed your delivery inside your 3 way conversation ticket, inside your private conversation ticket will be a link for you to submit your payment/order information.

    Step 3: Track Your Payment Status
    Once you have submitted your payment/order information, you can then view your payment status here. If you have additional questions regarding your payment or payment status, please use your seller Private Conversation Ticket only. If you create/open up another ticket asking questions regarding your payment, we will either close or merge it as we don't respond to payment status questions if you open additional tickets in order to ensure everything is updated in one ticket only and reduce spam.

    Step 4: Payment Sent/View Transaction History
    Once your payment has been sent, your private conversation ticket/3 way conversation ticket will show as completed and you can view a transaction log here for your records. If you're unable to view your transfers, simply select All Actions, select Transfer, and then press GO to pull up all your past transfers.




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