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    Credits FAQHideExpand

    Credits are store credits that can be used to purchase any item or service on this platform.

    Middleman Balance FAQHideExpand

    Middleman Balance is the total balance you currently have accumulated from completed middleman transactions. You cannot buy or transfer your middleman balance. You don't need to open a ticket requesting your middleman balance cashed out. Once you receive a credit to your middleman wallet, a middleman agent will automatically cashout your balance. For more information, please go here:

    Reward Credits FAQ HideExpand

    Reward Credits are free bonus credits earned when using this platform. Certain actions you conduct will result in your credit balance increasing overtime. The more you interact and do business here, the higher your rewards balance will accumulate over time. Rewards credits cannot be cashed out, purchased, or transferred to other members. They can only be used to purchase products on this platform.

    Credits: Where can I buy credits?HideExpand

    Go Here:

    Credits: Where can I use my credits to purchase an item?HideExpand

    Click Here

    Credits: Where can I cashout/withdraw my credits?HideExpand

    Go Here:

    Credits: What is the value of my credits?HideExpand

    1.00 PlayerUp Credit = $1.00 USD (United States Dollar).

    Credits: How many credits are required in order to process a cashout?HideExpand

    You must have at least 10.00 Credits to request a cashout.

    Credits: What is the fee for buying credits?HideExpand

    0%. We charge no fees when purchasing credits unless the merchant charges you an additional fee.

    Credits: What is the fee to cashout and withdraw credits?HideExpand

    0%. We charge no fees when cashing out your credits unless the merchant charges you an additional fee.

    Credits: What payment methods do you use to send payments for cashouts?HideExpand

    Go Here:

    Middleman Balance: How can I track my middleman payments already issued to my wallet?HideExpand

    Go Here: Under the "All Actions" drop down, select "Transfer" and under the "All Currencies" drop down, select "Middleman Balance". Please view this screenshot if you're having difficulties - You will then be able to see a list of 100 of your most recent middleman payouts sent to your middleman wallet.

    Reward Credits: How can you potentially earn free rewards credits?HideExpand

    - Complete Middleman Transaction - Create Threads - Create Posts - Follow Someone - Gain Followers - Invite Friends - Like A Post - Like A Profile Post - Like A Thread - Private Conversation Receives Reply - Post On Threads - Receive/Leave Likes - Receive Profile Post Like - Refer Members - Reply To Private Conversation - Report Scammers - Share This Page - Thread Receives Replies - Thread Receives Viewers

    Reward Credits: How can you potentially lose rewards credits?HideExpand

    - Delete Threads - Delete Posts - Lose Followers - Unfollow Someone - Lost Profile Post Like

    Reward Credits: How are reward credits accumulated?HideExpand

    This is an automated reward credits system so each time you complete one of the above actions your balance will increase or decrease automatically.

    Reward Credits: What can I do with rewards credits?HideExpand

    Reward credits can be used to purchase any products on this platform but cannot be cashed out or transferred. Once you have accumulated enough rewards credits, open an Use Credits form submission and purchase a product on this platform.

    Reward Credits: Can I buy rewards credits?HideExpand

    No. Reward credits are free bonus credits for using this platform. If you want to buy regular site/store credits, select the Buy Credits option and you can purchase them there.

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