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    I am now ready to walk away from this highly addictive game.
    It's your chance to gain 5-stars for cheap!

    Kindly make an offer for either each or bulk.

    All prices are #, just pm me if you interested...

    I accept Paypal payments only:

    1) I'll first send a trade and then buyer sends payment via "Gift to friend, or family member" (Personal Payment)
    2) Once payment is received, I*ll accept the trade which you replied using any 1* and confirm it.
    Thank you.


    lvl 70 Almighty BraveR Merrymaking Titan FSexwis,def (ele2/phys2/LS)
    lvl 1 Almighty sexy impu
    lvl 70 Almighty Berserk Impundulu FSexmp (Phys4/EP/QS)


    lvl 70 FastR Cu Chulainn FSemp
    lvl 70 sonic sneg FSexattdef
    lvl 70 sonic selkie FSexmp (QS/sap/ele4)
    lvl 70 Acer Gandring Fsexmp (agi build)
    lvl 70 AceR Hephaestus FS (DR, QS, FB)
    lvl 60 fast grand pawn kaiser
    lvl 70 Acer Rashnu
    lvl 60 chaotic iblis

    lvl 60 chaotic impundulu
    lvl 60 brave chronos

    lvl 60 chaotic minerva
    lvl 60 brave sleeping beauty
    lvl 1 int sargatanas
    lvl 60 fast iblis
    lvl 60 chaotic solomon


    lvl 70 mighty bold apoc beast Fsexmp ATK/WIS+10%, ATK+25%, WIS+25%
    lvl 70 mighty sonic rubicante Fsxemp Wind +4 , WIS+20% , WIS+25%
    lvl 69 mighty sonic gilg
    lvl 1 mighty chao chocobo eater
    lvl 1 mighty chao chocobo eater
    lvl 70 mighty stalwart hephaestus
    lvl 1 mighty brave prometheus
    lvl 1 mignty cool ultimate nuada
    lvl 1 mighty chaotic midgardsormr
    lvl 1 mighty int vouivre
    lvl 1 mighty powerful hestia
    lvl 1 mighty cool aegir
    lvl 1 mighty powerful triton
    lvl 70 mighty bold lightning incarnate


    lvl 3 Ishtar
    lvl 2 Uriel
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