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    Tohka Main with 6k Inverse Tohka. Other Tohka are Ex as well.
    Got most costumes aside from Yoshino's Maple costume, advanced summon ones and Yuzuru's from club.

    Account has spirits and seph sets of others. Exceptions:
    - Mayuri does not have any from her set.
    - WQ missing 1 from her set
    - Natsumi missing 1 from her set
    - Ellen does not have her set

    Got most keepsakes except from the Dates and current Christmas event (will update if i get it)

    Will still be contactable for account troubleshooting if that goes awry

    LF offers starting from 150 USD

    You may chat me here (I do not check here often) or discord @S13nd3rT3l3tub#5153

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