Selling  High End  Android Game of Thrones GoT Conquest Ingame packs 100 USD for 50 Dollar

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    Hello guys! Welcome to GemsOnTop Services

    Game of Thrones GoT Conquest

    99.99 PACK = 50$

    I am Gems Buffer ➥FASTEST AND PRESTIGE
    Mobile Games Seller/Booster/Top Up [ All Games Android]

    ★For fast response please contact me at:
    (Give me your order number when contacted with me)

    * TelegramID: GemsOnTop
    * WechatID: GemsOnTop
    * DiscordID: Kevin_NZ #4728
    * Email: [email protected]
    * Hotline: +84916458668

    ★Accept: Paypal
    ★Accept: BTC
    ★Working time 24/7

    ★★★★You are using a 3rd party deposit service, so you are solely responsible for your account.★★★★
    ★★★★We do not take any responsibility regarding your account if your game prohibits third party deposits★★★★

    ★For the fastest process ,please provied to us WHAT TYPE of login your in SPECIAL NOTE !
    ★ONLY selling, NO trading, PM me for more details or offer

    1. Required info :
    - Name character:
    - Server:
    - ID/ Username/Email
    - Password (check carefully)
    - Recovery Codes (if using FB login)
    - Backup Codes (if using GG login)
    -Turn off 2FA ( if using Gamecenter,Hive,Klab..)

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