Selling  Android and iOS [Game of Dice VIP 9 LVL 50 Account] 3 Miracle Goods and More.

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    Please Watch Video For Everything On The Account

    • VIP 9 Account, Currently has 4k gems and 13k Lux Points. Topaz as same as in the video.
    • Account has a bunch of infinity/black cards and a variety of goods that can be upgraded to the latest map edition and even collectors edition. (3rd anniversary taser can be upgraded with radiant catalyst)
    • Most recent dice purchased for this account was Tiara dice (puts a raven totem on properties).
    • Account is unlinked to facebook and google. It is only bound with a dummy email address.

    Gold+ Characters: Yukata Yuki, Grey, Pierre
    Miracle Goods: Micro Musket, 3rd Anniversary Taser, Bubble Cloak.
    Collectors Edition: Watch Your Step
    Infinity Power III Cards: Tyrant, Triple attack (x2), Critical Hit, Round Trip, Santa's Gift, Bang bang, and others.

    If interested, feel free to contact here or on:
    Discord: ZANDER#1300
    Line: z.ander
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