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Discussion in 'Overwatch Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by notkorean, 4/28/17.

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    Boosting players below Diamond to any rank I can to my mood. I will play my heroes, so no preferences or choice-of-heroes by you. I can easily boost a great number if you are in the lower-tier ranks, and it will take time to boost you from high-plat to diamond.

    About me: I am a master reinhardt player, and will most likely play reinhardt/tank classes to boost your account. I have 3 smurfs, and brought them all to diamond and beyond until they decayed back to 3k. I find enjoyment from carry-plays in the 2k-3k range, and will most likely enjoy 1k sr-range. If you have any questions, pls send me an email to my spam-email at [email protected].

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.