Selling  51-75 Heroes  100+ Skins  Both Android/iOS EPIC CHOU, KARINA AND ROGER. A LOT OF SPESHIAL AND ELITE SKINS

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    Rank: epic 2/max: mythic 104 stars. 49 lvl. 73 heroes. 103 skins. 7 statues. 4 max emblems. EPIC CHOU, KARINA, ROGER from box. Also a lot of spechial, elite and epic skins. 2 MLC
    Epic skins: Chou, Karina, Roger (box)
    Venom: Gussion
    Saber: Rafaela, Saber, Layla
    Zodiac: Lancelot
    Star: Leomord, Claude, Fanny, Moscow, Freya, Gussion, Aurora
    Special: Martis, Miya, Sun, Odette, Hylos, Gussion, Karrie, Kagura, Natalia, Lapu
    Elite: Ruby, Gato (2), Helcurt, Natalia, Yi Sun Shin, Roger, Esme, Pharsa, Bruno, Cyclops, Chou, Tigrial, Hanabi, Lapu, Akai, Karrie, Haya, Rafaela, Lolita, Nana
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.