Sold End Game BBS account w/ 31 5* and 9 6* characters w/ some good accessories! Need Gone ASAP!

Discussion in 'Bleach Brave Souls Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Ichigo Kurosaki, 10/30/17.

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    Selling my personal BBS account sonce I dont have to time to play it anymore. Has some good characters and accessories.
    -2nd anniversary ichigo (140% soultree lvl 182/189)
    -Green Kenny lvl 200(pulled from step-up 2nd anniversary; choose a 6 star)
    -Blue Kenny lvl 197 (150% soultree just need to lvl up, also pulled from 2nd anniversary)
    -New Grimmjow lvl 150 (pulled from stepups aswell)
    -New Nnoitora lvl 150 (98% soultree, just need the characters and he'll be strong af!)
    -2x Tensa Zangetsu (stepups, 1 5* and 1 6*, haven't worked on him that much)
    -2x Fullbring ichigo (1 5* and 1 6*, 6* is fully maxed but not lvl200 yet, only at lvl 171)

    Paypal only please pm for Offers

    have more characters but too many to list, just look at pictures. Thanks for looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.