Selling  Global  PC  MR 22 Disciple Founder, MR 22, 41 Warframes, 170 Weapons, 13 Sentinels, Created in Closed Beta, Original O

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    This account is created in 2014(Closed Beta) and is Disciple Founder. As you can imagine it has tons of things in it. Like event sigils, mods, syandanas , color pallets etc.

    I was kinda a collector and bought many cosmetic items. For pets, sentinels , warframes, pets. For almost all kinda of stuff. In account you can find all kinds of cosmetics which can be bought by plat or can be obtained in special playerup.

    I have almost all good gear with many formas on them. I have 6 formas on diffirent breed or looks of kubrows and on a kavat.

    You can find diffirent builds and 1+ of same warframe on this account. For example i have 2 Nekros warframes for diffirent purpuses with diffirent mods and formas on them.

    You can find PvP presets in this account aswell. For both Dojo and Conclave PvPs.

    Some havings of the account.
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