Selling Dekaron Papaya Server - lvl 175 aloken with dils and items

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    Dekaron Papaya Server - lvl 175 aloken with dils and items

    lvl 175 aloken
    -2nd trans up
    -miester skill: judgement (sting judgement and kansimmo activated)
    -elite guard
    AP = 1,150,000+
    stat reset still available

    SET: +10 lvl 150 ultimate spear w/ 4x 8% lightning gem (good stats) , +9 170 guardarm w/ 2x 95 block gems(good stats), zinna tali armor +9 (good stats) , +9 arcadia glove (good stat), +7 arcadia helm (good stat), +7 arcadia pants (good stat), +7 arcadia boots (good stat), +7 moonlit belt, swimsuit custom, phantom wings, 2x immortality bracelet (good stats), sealed spell dragon, spell sheen, liberate ice dragon ring, miterra shiny tear, giez gold necklace +7, s2 halloween tier 1,

    Other items: 15 platinum bullions, new namer seed, 3x 25% blacksmith grace, 5x sap nuggets, 11x holy water, 22x wedding box, 8x pet eggs, 1 illias egg, lvl +7 145 guardarm, varadous moriel, x42 lvl 170+ soul stone, 2x 7 days premium auto fishing rod box, 6x premium auto fishing rod box, 7x 7% assorted gems, 255x rank up coins, 8x camoflauge, 50 spicy steamed bass, 50 smelly steamed bass, 30x mana stone, 12x portal scroll, 300x super blessed mana potion, 100x HP/MP 20% recovery potion, 600x malakites, infinite battle 2 ticket, 50x attendance coupon, 71x attendance coupon season 2, 3x umbar unbox key, megaphone, 400x magic stone , 9x gold argate , 5x silver argate, 3x honeymoon ticket, 4x infinite runes, 500% battle proficient 3 day box, veterans amulet box 1 day, blood armor wings 7 days , lvl 150 potion box, 2x blue dragon wings 1 day box,

    Other Wings: wing of charm, wing of creation, papaya wing,soaring wings, blue dragon wings

    for interested buyers message me at: or email me at [email protected]
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