Sold CPT 5 Very CHEAP!

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by NeedforGP, 3/17/17.

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    Hey Guys,

    finally I decided to sell one of my Accounts. This is my CPT 5 Account with 5 perms and standard equip.
    It is nothing special but i dont need this Account any more.

    If you want to make an offer just skype with me or write me a PM.

    Skype: dennis_mueller2

    Maby you will ask yourself why you should buy this account. Let me list some things:

    1. It has a cool name without stupid caps and non caps letters in, (so nothing like N33dFoRG__P). Without numbers or anything of that crap.

    2. You will get a mid rank account you can troll your friends with or gift it to a friend who will start playing CA. So he dont have to start from the bottom (from T rank).

    3. And last of all you could hack more unnoticed if you want to

    because noone accuses you a hacker. Because noone believes that a CPT is hacking.

    So think about it and message me if you want to buy it.

    PS. Here you can see some screenshots of the Account:

    Breakings 2.PNG

    Breakings 3.PNG

    Breakings 4.PNG
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