Selling   Cold war - multiplayer - lobby 150+ kills per game - 15 usd ps4/ps5 or xbox

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    1.- Directly (Paypal and Payonner payment methods)

    2.- Through my online store (the safest way upload_2021-5-4_3-4-22.gif ) Accept most payment methods

    contact me on my discord


    - These are LEGITIMATE lobbies where everything saves, all your progression earned is kept, nothing is modded, no exploits at all so that means there is 0% chance of a ban. Can easily kill bots in Multiplayer and earn progress towards your Multiplayer Camo Progression. Easy gain 150+ kills per game.
    Prices for killing our AFK HC Domination Bots are below.
    - Can contact us directly to pay and schedule a time for you to join.
    - Our Discord:

    $15 for One Game
    $38 for Two Games
    $55 for Three Games
    $85 for Five Games
    $120 for Seven Games
    $150 for Ten Games
    - All Camo Challenges, Weapon Progression, Camo Progression, Leveling, XP, and everything will count and stick!
    - Great/cheaper way to unlock camos, work on challenges, unlock challenges, rank up, achieve better stats, boost stats and more! This is a legitimate public boosting method with 12 consoles