Selling  High End  Android and iOS Citadel 44/45, **52 Permanent Boosts**, T5 Troops, Vip 22, 5 Heroes, 400K Mercs, Greyshire Grotto

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    I am currently selling my Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire account due to future military obligations. This account is completely loaded and has had 90 packs purchased on it for over $9,000 USD put into it. This account is very strong and is easily a top 3 account in the realm with t5 troops unlocked and loads of research complete.

    The account will continue to grow. The last picture shows the gold bonus at 35,000 Gold which began at 26,000 Gold (increases 100 per pack) when you purchase a pack, showing 90 packs have been bought.

    •Name: SFGreenBeret (Plenty of name changes available)

    •Realm: 1321 - Greyshire Grotto

    •Guild: 3RT (Own Crystal)

    •Citadel: 44/45 ready to build

    •VIP: 22

    •Leaderboard: 1st in: Troops Killed, Power Destroyed, Heroes Banished

    •Titles: 8, 9 with crystal title

    •Permenant Boosts: 52

    All 5 (Noctis, Prompto, Luna, Ignis, Aranea — Highest is Prompto at 86 and growing)

    •Special Buildings:
    -Monster Farm (Maxed)
    -Order of Heroes (All orders except War)
    -Oracle Temple (Maxed with 51 Boost)
    -Mercenary Pits (At 5 with 368k Mercs)
    -Mythic Forge (Maxed, 6 Complete Legendary Sets)
    -Magitek Converter (Maxed)
    -Guild Adventures Hall (Maxed)

    •Total Money:

    •Total Speed Ups:
    Regular: 9,800+ Days Worth
    Royal: 70+ Days Worth
    Exhalted: 1,590+ Days Wortg

    •Total RSS:
    Billions in t1-t5 RSS

    •Total Banishment Boost:
    350+ Days

    I have many more, and can get any pictures you may like to see of this account. Please email me at: [email protected] or contact me on Line at: SFGreenBeret

    Prepare to DOMINATE!!

    5C99FA01-0782-4045-B83F-50F7F8B45B16.png E6CBC530-D47E-4B6B-A2F1-38FC110E7E5F.png 34110930-99EE-47BD-87DD-281754FB8BCB.png 05961273-6A2E-4480-9D1D-4380E6555037.png 13270278-2D9B-4EBB-9FA9-51147FF82132.png 9B174B66-EB16-457B-AC72-F11F765F8AF2.png 0EA40E90-B863-4F61-8389-40C255456894.png BE88C14A-0066-4BED-9A29-4BFAFB129FEC.png 1B906CAA-DB08-44AE-A808-D2188F31F161.png 84EC93D9-6A86-48F1-B26D-EE8506C36363.png
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