Selling Cit lvl 13|Hero lvl 18|Realm Ausace

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    Hey, selling a good account at a reasonable price. Going back to college, so I can't continue playing.

    CITADEL Level: 13
    POWER: 250K+
    VIP: 4 (with 3.6K points in inventory)
    Realm: Ausace
    HERO Level: 18 (Can go much higher, with 1.75M exp bottles in inventory)
    +10k Gold!
    2 Advanced Teleports!
    1 Random Teleport!

    1 Arbiter Chest
    100K Loyalty
    1,000 Ether
    24 Hour Empire Barrier x4
    and a lot more stuff. You can ask me and I'll send you the whole inventory.
    Gift lvl 5

    TROOPS: (60K)
    15K Warrior
    15K Mage
    15K Cavalry
    15K Siege Engine
    TRAPS: (9K)
    Fire Barricades x1.5K
    Lighting Barricades x1.5K
    Ice Barricades x1.5K
    Fire Archers x1.5K
    Lighting Archers x1.5K
    Ice Archers x1.5K

    Stone: 3M (+547.5K in inventory)
    Energy: 4M (+633.75K in inventory)
    Metal: 2M (+772.5K in inventory)
    Food: 4M (+887.5K in inventory)
    Gil: 3M (+600K in inventory)
    Resource Production:
    Stone: 32k/h
    Energy: 17k/h
    Metal: 25k/h
    Food: 64k/h
    Gil: 11k/h

    - Instant Construction Time Lv 4
    - Stone, Food, Metal and Energy Production Lv 4
    - Troop Load and Gathering Speed Lv 4
    - Trading Tax Reduction Lv 4
    - Loot Tile Gather Speed Lv 3

    - Scouting Lv 8
    - Troop Attack and HP Lv 4
    - Ready to unlock Lv 2 Troops

    - City Defense Attack, Armor and HP Lv 4
    - Monster Tactics Lv 3 ready to unlock

    BUILDINGS: (All building are upgraded to lvl 13)
    Farms: 9 x Lvl 13
    Quarrys: 6 x Lvl 13
    Metal: 5 x Lvl 13
    Energy: 4 x Lvl 13
    Bank: 3 x Lvl 13
    Hospital Ward: 5 x Lvl 13
    Hospital: Lvl 13
    Training Grounds: Lvl 13 (Can train +2K troops at a time)
    Barracks: 4 x Lvl 13
    University: Lvl 13
    Watchtower: Lvl 13
    Armory: Lvl 13
    Guild Hall: Lvl 13
    Embassy: Lvl 13
    Trading Post: Lvl 13
    Treasury: Lvl 1

    LEADERBOARD RANK: (Currently)
    Troops killed: 150
    Empires destroyed: 29
    Battles won: 28
    Battles Win/Loss Ratio: 49
    Monsters killed: 36

    Troops Killed: Over 180K
    Battles Won: Over 1500!
    Attacks Won: Over 1500
    Power Destroyed: 500K
    Monsters Killed: 250

    Speed Ups:
    - 1 min x20
    - 3 min x60
    - 5 min x20
    - 10 min x25
    - 15 min x20
    - 30 min x1
    - 60 min x2
    - 3 Hour x2

    - Gems: All types of gems. Lv3, Lv2 and Lv1.
    - Materials: Lots of unused materials to craft any item. Materials up to Lv5.
    A lot of equipment already crafted! with gems embed into it.

    Player and Empire Rename! and tons of other assorted items.

    Send me a message or preferably a mail if you are interested.
    Email: [email protected]
    I can send pictures of the account and stats.
    Will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks!

    Btw, there's lots of empires around that I use for farming.
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