Trading [CF:NA] Trading Crossfire NA Marshal 8VVIPs For CSGO Skins

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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to sell my Crossfire NA Account. It's Marshal Rank, a lot of weapons, knifes, snipers, rifles...

    It has 8VIPS :

    M4 Obsidean Beast
    AK 47 Fury
    AWM Infernal
    Barret Obsidean Beast
    Desert Eagle Obsidean Beast
    2x Kukri Beast
    VIP Char - Knife Thrower

    This account has never been banned or something like that, true legit account, with around 400K GP on it.

    This is the link:
    Always. | Crossfire Player Profile Page

    I'm looking to sell it, or trade for CS:GO Skins, not shitty skins. I spent around 1000€ on my account so don't make stupid offers.

    If you're interested on it, please reach me out on skype:
    Or by email:
    [email protected]

    Type your offer on the invite so I can filtrate the offers easier.
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