Selling  High End Canva Pro 1 Year Subscription 1 Year Warranty Unlimited Access

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    Canva is a design tool that makes it easy to create beautiful custom images. Their pre-sized templates ensure your images are optimized for each social network.

    You can buy from:


    Brand New Account Or Your Account

    Most of us have used the free version of canva in past
    But the free version comes with a lot of limitations, one of which is it doesn't allow you to download your logos and designs with transparent backgrounds.

    What Canva Pro includes:

    * Resize your design in any design type in an instant.
    Magically animate your designs in just one click.

    * Publish a design as a template and have it automatically added to your brand page.

    * Browse through our selection of free templates and create a design for any occasion.

    * Design on-brand content by uploading your own logo and fonts.

    * Gain access to thousands of free icons, illustrations, and photos.

    * Build a team and invite an unlimited number of members.

    * Download PNG images with transparent backgrounds.

    * Organize designs in a cinch by creating folders in your account.

    **Frequently Asked Questions**

    1. Do I only need to pay one time?
    - Yes, only one time payment and it will be valid for a year from the day you purchase.
    2. When will I receive my account?
    - You will receive it in maximum 24 hours, after clear payment. Usually, I deliver within 0 - 12 hours.
    3. Can I make changes to the account?
    - You can change the password. The account is with your name and email, and legally obtained.
    4. Can I share the account with my friends and family?
    - No,only one screen is supported at time. You also cannot resell it.
    5. What warranty is the one you offer?
    - I will replace your account if something happens, within one year from the date of purchase. I provide after sale support through email if you have any inquiries.
    6. What device can you use it on ?
    - You can use it on any device which is supported for supported devices please visit their official site.
    -What if I already have an account with Canva?
    - Don't worry, just send me the email and password after payment and I will link the subscription to your account, you can change the password later.

    Price: $8 [ That's basically $1/month ]
    You can buy from:


    Please tell me the username (email)you want in the payment det

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