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    Multiple 5/5 characters. Easily beats senkaimon. Easily can maintain Lieutenant Nd captain Pvp seats. Can go to HC with orbs. All colors Gold Chappies. 3/5 jugram 4/5 chad 5/5 toki 5/5 askin 5/5 Bambi 5/5 hikone 5/5 weaken 3/5 nnoritora is some of the beasts of the account. Selling my baby bc I’m out of work and need it badly but only letting it go for what I think it’s worth. Thank you. All quests are done except a few sub stories. You can easily get 600+ orbs a month from senkaimon and events. 43036797-82D7-4239-B679-D1EBC06DC1CE.jpeg EA02A05B-D983-4143-BB46-EBCA1F313FE0.jpeg 2893454D-0464-470B-AE18-A5669811CE88.jpeg 05BC0445-48E6-4BA9-A3C3-23D6ABA71EF1.jpeg 405AA670-0EFD-45A1-A402-507A077951DB.jpeg D4AAAE77-469C-4A8F-B4F2-9C595ED36818.jpeg E7C11A4A-B713-4361-BB5A-B05258E0BC79.jpeg 008C8817-4C3A-4E04-8B73-3FA852A47DFA.jpeg 80F2A664-5A63-4D9B-B626-478196B26B49.jpeg 5FCD12BB-5645-41FA-A4E3-5BA10C375D25.jpeg 2ABA46A2-EDE7-4CC9-86D7-B6CD797803D5.jpeg 594E9D67-5B6B-4640-9931-D52DDDFD813C.jpeg C9CF55C1-C494-41B1-A34A-D3B19BB533EA.jpeg 2001D7DC-5611-46BC-A8D4-E3A8F972EEFF.jpeg C244EF2C-7B18-4F1A-88A3-A2534B1F5064.jpeg 99D3FF47-9E03-429A-8B9F-318D18FEE256.jpeg B948D336-D03C-437C-960B-95D424E25B8F.jpeg

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