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    What the reason selling New World Coins to me?

    1. 100% Positive Feedback dont worry about scam its not gonna happen in here.
    2. Instant Payment (when the Trade is done, i will send the payment as fast as possible)
    3. Full payment I Cover All Fees
    Skrill > 0% fee For You.
    WebMoney (WMZ) > 0% fee For You.
    Binance or Coinbase Balance (same wallet) > 0% fee For You.
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, USDT and Others Crypto > Always Ready All the Time.
    PayPal > ""Send as Goods or Services (u cover the fee)"" if the Total amount Worth less than 100$
    if the Total amount Worth more than 100$ i Will cover The fee Send as Gift/F&F (This Threshold can be Negotiated)

    4. Alot Other Payment methods EXAMPLE: Steam Wallet Codes, Gift Card, KARMA COIN, World of Warcraft Game Time Code, GooglePlayGiftCard, LOL Riot Points Card, iTunes Gift Card, paysafecard, XBOX LIVE Gift Card, PSN Card and Many more Gift Cards, Game Cards, Game Code & CD Keys payment.
    5. Can do partial trade if u worried getting scam or bad thing, we can do as minimum possible (example worth 5$ only no problem)
    6. No MAXIMUM Buyout amount Always can take all of your stock ""Always need""
    7. Instant buy (i can take anytime u want to sell 24/7)

    do not like the price? or still not High enough? ask for negotiation sometimes i can go up little bit depend on the Situations

    ___________________________________ ""Contact Info"" ___________________________________
    DISCORD: JohnMarket#9999
    DISCORD Unique ID: 1055135587457323038

    CLICK Here TO ADD Skype>>> Join conversation
    Skype Display Name:
    JohnMarket Gondrong
    Skype Name: live:mrgondrong789

    WhatsApp: +6282298988988
    Telegram: +6282298988988

    Carefull alot imposter trying to copy my Skype and Discord name Make sure You Copy-Paste correct Detail to ADD me
    NOTE: I never ADD Someone first, if that happen that's definitely a imposter

    How do we trade?
    1. NOTE: (if you want to make 100% sure that you contacting with me please let me know on forum chat first or just check detail on the image above)
    2. Tell me on how many STOCK you have > what Payment method you want > Calculating > Trade
    3. After TRADE DONE i will send the payment as fast as possible normaly less than 5 minute (DONE)

    need another services? like boosting, swap currency/item between game to another game, selling other game stuff, exchange digital currency, import-export Etc, just Contact me. I have many informants and connections probably we can do some great business :)
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