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    Welcome to JohnMarket Buying FFXIV GIL :)
    What reason to selling on me?

    1. 100% Feedback dont worry about scam its not gonna happen in here.
    2. Instant Payment (when i got the GIL il just send the payment as fast as possible)
    3. Full payment (I Cover All Fees)
    Skrill> 0% fee For You, You will get full amount.
    WebMoney (WMZ)> 0% fee For You, You will get full amount.
    Neteller> 0% fee For You, You will get full amount.
    BitCoin/ETH/Other Crypto>
    0% fee For You, You will get full amount.
    PayPal> "Send as Goods or Services (u cover the fee)" if the Total amount Worth less than 100$
    if the Total amount Worth more than 100$ "i Will cover The fee/Send as Gift" (ThisThresholdCanBeNegotiated)
    4. (Alot Other Payment method) also can do payment as Steam Wallet Codes Gift Card KARMA COIN World of Warcraft Game Time Code GooglePlayGiftCard
    LOL Riot Points Card iTunes Gift Card paysafecard XBOX LIVE Gift Card PSN Card
    and Many more Gift Cards, Game Cards, Game Code & CD Keys payment.

    5. (Can do partial trade), if u worried getting scam or bad thing, we can do as minimum possible (example 10M GIL only no problem)
    6. (No MAXIMUM Buyout amount) Always can take all of your stock "Always need"
    7. (Instant buy) (i can take anytime u want to sell, no need wait a demand, or wait me empty stock,
    dont worry i can take whenever u want)

    _______________________ "Contact Info" _______________________
    CLICK Here TO ADD Skype (SAVE)>>>
    Manual Search Skype: live:mrgondrong789 "JohnMarket Gondrong"
    DISCORD: JohnMarket#9999
    Discord Unique ID: 368174449062576128
    WhatsApp: +6282298988988
    "Carefull alot imposter trying to copy my Skype and Discord name Make sure You Copy-Paste correct Detail to ADD me"
    NOTE: I never ADD Someone first, if that happen that's definitely a imposter

    How do we trade?
    1. NOTE I never ADD Someone first (if you want to make 100% sure that you contacting with me) u can just Add me on Skype/Discord
    2. tell me on Skype/Discord how many GIL STOCK u have>what Payment method>Calculating>Trade in Game
    3. after trade done il just
    send the payment as fast as possible normaly less than 5 minute (DONE)

    >>> live:mrgondrong789 <<<
    If you add me on skype or leave a message and don't respond quickly, i might be asleep or away, once i come back i will reply as fast as possible!

    need another services? like swap currency/item between game to another game? selling other game stuff? exchange currency? import-export? anything just Contact me i got alot information and connection probably we can do some great business :)
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