Sold Awesome HoL account - many LDs, collab servants and more

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    I want to start this by making it clear that I'm only selling my beloved game accounts because I desperately need the money, since the pandemic has struck me hard(lost my job, didn't get paid what the company owed me because they also don't have money, etc). All accounts are very good, with a great deal of time and even some money invested in them.

    Link to Summoners War Account:
    Link to World of Warcraft Account: WIP

    Main features of this account are:
    lvl 80 Fire Archangel - easily one of the best servants in the game.
    lvl 80 Water Rakshasa - very good tank for a lot of the content, including the 4* increased stats towers in guild wars.
    lvl 80 Dark Charlotte - LD ignore def 4*, awesome everywhere, and specially good in 4* guild war towers. Anything that can be 1-shot, she's gonna do it!
    lvl 70 Light Ifrit - work in progress, since I coulnd't invest any more money in the game, he's got all the LD trans pieces I've got so far. He's gonna be an OP servant when fully leveled, and is already usable in a lot of places if the team is well planned(including PvP).

    Other collab servants are:
    Valkyjas: lvl 72 Water, lvl 70 Fire, no dark/forest/light.
    Oracles: lvl 76 Water, lvl 70 Forest, lvl 60 light, no fire.
    Archangels: lvl 70 Forest, lvl 70 Water, lvl 60 Light, no dark.
    Ifrits: lvl 72 Water, lvl 60 dark, no Forest or fire.
    Tower of God collab servants: all 3 Forest at lvl 64, nothing else.

    LD Nat5's: (trans lvl are all 0, unless otherwise noted)
    Caesar, Sphinx, Heylel, Ignis, Leto, [A] Heylel, Mildred, Eimyrja, Rem, Leto, Ezebell, Carmilla, Ankou, Blavatsky, [A] Sphinx.

    Caesar, Lucrecia, Lenore(T2), Ignis, [A] Leto, Spiegel, [A] Heylel, Aria, Christine, Xita, Ezebell(T2), Blavatsky, Eimyrja.

    Other noteworthy nat5* servants:
    T7 Lucrecia, T6 [A] Sphinx, T5 Ezebell, T5 Carmilla, T6 Sinistra, T5 Ignis, T5 Ankou, T6 Sphinx

    T7 Simone, T5 Ignis, T6 Lucien, T8 Ankou, T6 Spiegel, T5 Blavatsky, T5 [A] Lucien

    T5 Ankou, T4 Mildred, T8 Ignis, T6 Lenore, T8 Blavatsky, T7 Heylel, T6 Sinistra

    As of today, this is the PvE progression:
    Omen's Void: 14F, no failures, ~1min runs using Velajuel(DPS), Water Rakshasa, Water heylel(increase dmg to boss by 30%) and Water Archangel(def lead).
    Heide's Void: 14F, no failures, ~45sec runs using Velajuel(DPS), Water Rakshasa, Dark witch hunter(increase dmg to boss by 40%) and Water Archangel(def lead).
    Abaddon Normal and Hard all floors full auto. Hell up to 46F, haven't tried going further.
    Fire Monarch: 1.3 billion dmg, reliable but manual team.
    Water Monarch: 1.1 billion dmg, reliable but manual team.
    Forest monarch: 3.5 billion dmg, safe and full auto team.
    Boss Invasion: can do 5F in ~3min, but only on manual. Auto usually does 4F in ~1:30.

    Water: area 16
    Fire: area 11
    Forest: area 9

    Infinite pvp: Diamond, usually ~50% win rate.
    PvP: haven't been doing this in a long while, but should be around weekly rank 10 at worst.
    Global infinite pvp: around 50% win rate, I often end in the rank 201-500 reward bracket.

    At this moment, the account is in one of the best Global guilds, we win the guild wars more often than not.
    Up to 4 Purifying grounds slots(Base + 30 day for 3k crystals one + Guild +Mileage points one).

    All of this plus a massive ammount of resources:
    >80k Energy
    >35k Karats
    >40k Party Points
    >20k Guild War points
    >25k guild points
    >10k honor
    >5k elemental shards
    >450 ld shards
    ~1 billion gold
    >500 rainbow stones
    >80k potential enhance stones
    >5k Potential change stones
    4+ of each Mark
    >35k Conversion stones
    ~2700 Transcending Auras
    1k+ of each Supreme Stone
    1 Bond Ticket
    4 6* Legendary Gear in the mail(permanent, been there for over 1 year)

    Ways to contact me:
    Whatsapp: 55 47 99172-3720 - online all day(keep in mind the timezone, I'm on the -3 GMT).
    E-mail: [email protected] - checked daily
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