Auctioning nearly endgame shade!

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    (When i say nearly endgame i mean it is currently wearing endgame items or has them all in the inventory ready to be worn at 219) 216/14/65 Rk1 Omni Opifex Shade Complete Reset Available All reset points available NOT BLACKLISTED (Can join raid bots in game to verify) AUCTION: Bidding Starts: $50.00 USD Buy OUT: $150.00 USD Alright so this will be the LAST post to sell the Rk1 Opi shade. If it doesnt sell i will just let it got frozen and get removed in the next character clean up. Its currently 216/14 Omni. It has the following : Burden of Competence Shoulderplates of Sabotage Stellar shade nano deck All keys up to inferno Ancient defender Infused ancient defender Xan yellow/red belt DB Evade NCU STR STA DB Ncu Capricorn Memory for BM Infused Viral Compiler ql 300 Improved Hacked Medi-Blade Deciet of the Xan Lord of Deciet in inventory for upgrading Spirits Gem in bag for upgrading HHAB DB Quest done up to informant (CAN SELF SHD @ 216 ) Superior Icy Shoulder pads (added dmg) ql 300 Ofab Pad ql 300 combined Merc sleeves x2 ql 300 Combined Merc Chest ( On social ) ql 300 Penultimate Ofab Shade Body (for CL to keep bracers un OE) ql 300 Strong armor leg wear Masterpiece ancient bracer. Slippers of Screaming Bloodsoaked Cloak of dishonour Other ql 300 Strong armor in inventory 3 pieces. ql 280 Alpha spirits equiped Two Bags full of beta spirits in inventory ready to be made All CL twinking gear to make DB bracer at 220 Complete DB set in bank. COMPLETE BEAST SET Including Burden and Pads in bank In addition there is currently about 180ish mil on the account, Inferno boots in inventory for in missions. Can meet in game to verify all items if need be. There is no secret on who my shade is and i dont care for it to be a secret. No I am not the original owner. The account is not banned from any raid bots ( what little remain ) And is teamed just as much as any of my other characters. Shade is perfectly capable of tanking TNH and 12m with the appropriate team. Great money maker for two manning Mitaar with a doc. TRADE INFORMATION: I am looking for an RK2 account preferably. This is the list of priority toons that i would like: Soldier Keeper FIXER Enforcer Agent This doesnt mean I wont consider your offer this just means if you offer me something and someone offers me one of these i will most likely take there offer. I am also considering other games so feel free to make offers. YOU WILL BE GIVING INFORMATION FIRST IF YOU ARE NOT TW Verified! PERIOD ! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT THEN DONT BOTHER PMing ME. REP MEANS NOTHING ANYORE AS A MEMBER WITH OVER 300 POST RECENTLY JACKED 4 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME ON THIS FORUM.YOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE UBER OR MATCH THE SAME EQUIP AS MINE. I AM CONSIDERING CERTAIN FAVOR TRADES DEPENDING ON PROFESSION ETC. YOUR ACCOUNTS MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 200+ MINIMUM OR VERY WELL GEARED TL5 TWINKS. Thanks and happy bidding everyone. If you contact me via the odds are you will get a head start on anyone who posts here as i dont check this sit too often.
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