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Discussion in 'Genshin Impact Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by SellinDaHuTao, 4/5/21.

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    Hi, I am selling this Hu Tao C1 Focused account. AKA the only character who can cook DUPLICATE eggs.
    I have all story missions done, only mission uncompleted is the fatui commission requirement one. All anemoculus and geoculus have been collected, dragonspire is up to the weekly grab for maxing that out. I have quite strong artifacts on most characters, notably lvl 90 Hu Tao Set up with rank 3 lvl 80 Lithic Spear, I also Have a rank 1 level 80 Skyward spine for her to use.
    Talent Levels for her are 5,8,5 respectively.

    If you are not only interested in c1 Hu Tao, I also have c6 Chongyun, c6 xiangling, c5 Xingqiu, and c2 fischl.
    If the image does not load properly, the characters I have are Xingqiu, Chongyun, Xiangling, Fishchl,c1 Barbara, Xinyan, c1 Beidou, Bennet, Qiqi, Diluc and Sucrose. Not including all the guarantees from the beginning of the game.

    As for 5* weapons, I have skyward Harp, Skyward Spine and Aquila Favonia for lots of high end game damage. As well as several useful 4* weapons.

    To start my pities for those curious about it.
    First number is current number of current pulls and so on.
    Limited Character Banner - 207 - next pity is at 314/404
    Limited Weapon Banner - 68 - next pity is at 105
    Permanent Character Banner - 83 - next pity is at 144
    2762586-5f9e7a7e93dc7733b66f89d42bc91f32.jpg 2762585-6f799fbd628df0baf7a46f5283048c69.png 2762592-accc8ee6994b87e0435402a7533982ab.png
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