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    Need to buy RK1 credits, pm me if you have some for sale.Want To Buy Anarchy Online Account - rk1 creds/igoc/ ql300 css set / ql 225cc set / ql 75cc set/ hi like title says im looking for a long list of stuff i just started playing ao again. been buying a lot here and i hope i can find a few smooth deals. ql300 cm set (on hold talking with someone about this) ql300 css set ql225 cc set ql75 cc set igoc creds i understood prices for credits are around 25-30 dollars a billion nowadays. pm me + leave a msg here after that you can poke me on im usually to be found there. karelnieuwWant To Buy Anarchy Online Account - RK1 Endgame Enforcer (omni) Greetings. I'm after a endgame omni enforcer on RK1, I will list what the enforcer needs to have equiped. - Full alphas - LoX dualwield 1he/1hb or piercing/1hb - All quests done - AI lvl 25+ - Research 65+ - Lots of nodrop phatz like bracers and huds. - If it got ACDC its a big + Probably forgot something but send me a PM or add me on to talk more.Want To Buy Anarchy Online Account - rk1 lvl 215+ soldier or doctor Heya, As topic says, I'm looking for a soldier or doctor at lvl 215+(210+ could be acceptable, kinda...) and I'd prefer it to be clan or neutral, research, ai lvls and equipment isn't that important, please reply with what you've got and how I can contact you, perhaps a price offer too. Thanks. (Only rep'd people will get payment in advance, else we'll have to work something out) ---------- Post added 05-30-2011 at 07:26 PM ---------- Add : a ~150 doc or soldier is fine too. Perhaps an advy. ---------- Post added 05-30-2011 at 08:18 PM ---------- Might consider an omni too.Want To Buy Anarchy Online Account - rk2 220 mp account Ok, I'm looking for 220 mp account, but as i just want the 1 character im not looking to spend alot, but will consider increasing my price range depending on what alts are also on the account. If you have an account you think i would like leave me a pm with character(s) info and what price you asking it. **Must have a 220 mp on rk2 on the account or im not interested**
Thread Status:
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