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    I Really want to trade for Christmas Skins i might pay extra money for it, But don't be scare give me offer i'll check it out
    For more information Dm on discord
    (Edit) On the account there is 2,365 V-Bucks

    -Rare Skins-
    Love Ranger (Legendary) From Valentine day, A lot of people want a skin
    Rabbit Raider (Rare) It will not show again in ITEM SHOP
    Assault Trooper (Uncommon) Did show once in 3 s 2,3,4
    BattleHound (Legendary) Did show once in ITEM SHOP
    SGT. Green clover (Uncommon) Did show twice in ITEM SHOP
    -Rest of Skins-
    All skins from twitch prime
    Nitelite (Uncommon) The skin is very flashy thats why bought it
    All skins from S3
    Tier 50 S4
    Harvesting Tools & Gliders
    High Octane (Rare) From challenge in s3
    Slipstream (Rare) From twitch prime
    Wings of Valor (Rare) From S4
    Rainbow Rider (Common) From S3
    Sugar Crash (Common) From S4
    Carbon (Uncommon) From S3
    Wins Glider - S3/4
    Founders Gliders

    I own Banner icon from S1
    I Also own Save The World
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.