Selling  Android  High End 21K Shooter Main, Whale Parts, End Game, Level 144, USA

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    All values are from time of posting.
    5★ Parts: 88
    4★ Parts: 122
    3★ Parts: 282
    Current Haro (subject to change): 4000
    Current Platinum Coins (subject to change): 40
    Current Arena Coins (subject to change): 500
    Box Sizes: 900, 70, 110, 100, 20
    Days Logged: 172
    Titles: 94
    Highest Arena Placement: 104
    Collections: 92
    Oldest complete event suit: Stargazer, everything following is completed.
    Still has: Pre-Registration Bonus

    Full Saber Attack, Shining Finger Sword, Assault Cyclone x2, Bisect, Feather Dive, Bloody Wrench, Iron Impact, Trans-Am Raid, IFS Unit Combo, Last Shooting

    Notbale Parts (Sokai/Event/Meta):
    00 Qan-T: Head, Back,
    Banshee: Head
    Unicorn: Head, Chest, Legs, Magnum
    Wing Zero: Head, Arms, Back
    Kshatriya: Legs Only
    Chobham Shield
    Gusion Rebake Yeet Shield
    Crossbones Chest 10/10
    Mack Knife Arms 10/10
    DODS Rifle 10/10
    New Hypee Bazooka
    GM Sniper
    Heat Rev Swords
    Susanowo: Arms, Legs, Swords 10/10

    PayPal Friends and Family only.
    Use of middleman is okay, but buyer pays fees.
    Best offer acceptable.

    Account currently unlinked, but can be linked to ensure successful transfer.

    Contact via:
    Discord: @WandererTJ#2652
    Instagram: @WandererTJ

    5★ and 4★ Parts:

    3★ Parts (many have leveled up traits/skills)
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Thread Status:
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