Sold  2 Accounts, multiple good characters on each account, Lots of crown items, Geared out characters.

Discussion in 'Wizard101 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by huskycx, 6/18/17.

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    Hi, i'm selling my 2 wizard101 accounts together because I am simply moving on from the game and have lost interest in the game. I will provide any extra info and proof wanted for both accounts. Both accounts dont have member, but the second account has 18k crowns and can be transfered. Email me at: [email protected]
    Both accounts are linked together and has a master password.

    83 Fire Wizard, crafted gear, energy gear, and waterworks gear, good crown wands, fire elegant stitch, life mastery, balance mastery, good pets on character, 2 pages of mounts (all permanent), Krampus and Brimstone Revenant learned, for houses I have Red Barn Farm (triple plot for EMPS), Massive Fantasy Palace, and Sultan's Palace. 71 Evil Magma Peas and 7 Couch Potatoes total. Bundle gear and plants can be found in the Bank and shared bank. Clean PvP record. Legendary Artisan. Up to Azteca.

    68 Balance Wizard, Warlord with waterworks gear and glendemmings boots, level 50 jaguar resist crown gear, balance elegant, level 60 pvp wand, and other crown wands. Duelist atheme and ring, myth mastery, ice mastery, and mana burn arena amulet, many amazing pvp pets, 1 page of mounts (6 Permanent). Winter moon and Lore Master learned. For houses I have Serpentine Escape and Sultan's Palace. Bank filled with lots of crown gear. Legendary Artisan. Overall great pvp wizard. 2k Arena Tickets. Up to

    17 Ice Wizard, 2nd Age Commander, 3rd Age clean slate. All commander gear, winterbane wand, heartsteel, transfer a pet to this wizard and destroy in Pvp.

    This account also has 2 other wizards, 40 Death Wizard, 35 Storm Wizard.

    SECOND ACCOUNT: 18k Crowns on it.

    50 Ice Wizard, no gear is on this player except energy because I use this character for farming, but is ready for pvp if you transfer crown gear over, does have level 50 elixir gear, 1 two person mount, Red Barn Farm with farm plots, 115+ Couch Potatoes. Clean slate pvp record.

    50 Life Wizard, Jade Crown Gear for lvl 50, and lvl 50 elixir gear, and Arena Energy gear, and lots of ticket gear. Guardian Spirit Wand, and other crown wands. 2 Permanent Mounts. Luminous Weaver, Ninja Pigs, Brimstone Revenant, and Keeper of the Flame learned. Decent Pets. Currently 1-0 in 3rd Age Pvp. This is another good Pvp wizard.

    66 Death Wizard, Best Wizard on this account. The stats on this wizard are insane for its level. 109 Damage 38 Resist, 6 Accuracy, 166 Crit, 97 Block, 82% Power Pip, 17 Pierce. Waterworks gear, Arena Energy Gear, Crown Pierce Wand, Duelist atheme and ring with pierce jewels. Ward Pets and amazing death pet on this character. Life Mastery, Myth Mastery. Death elegant. 1 Permenant Mount. Deer Knight is learned on this character. You won't find a better death wizard than this at this current level. This wizard is 13-3 in pvp (660 rank) and is extremely strong in pvp. 2k tickets

    30 Life Wizard

    There are many extra things I didnt explain on both accounts also, such as crown gear and much more.

    Like said before, these accounts are linked together, meaning you cannot buy them seperate.
    If you like what you see and want to purchase both of these accounts, buy through middleman, so it makes it easier and no possible chance of any scam.

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