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Discussion in 'Upwork Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by gorinych, 6/11/24.

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    Hello, my dear friend!

    I have a fully verified Upwork account and I'm looking for a developer to rent it to. I am the owner of the account and would like to receive a percentage of your profits.

    My conditions are as follows:

    • To start working, there is a $70 advance payment for the first month.
    • From the second month onwards, I will take 140$.
    • third month 200-250$
    I am from Ukraine, so I kindly ask account brokers not to bother me. I will only work with a real developer.

    The account has one completed task as a contractor and one completed task as a customer.
    Money was also withdrawn without problems and withdrawal methods were verified.

    Additionally, I have LinkedIn and Payoneer accounts.
    I will also consider lice suggestions

    I hope to establish a long-term partnership and earn a lot of money together.

    My telegram: @ demetraaa
    Skype: live:barabashka579