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  1. Left empty handed

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    • 10/25/22

  1. Nxde
    I had purchased an Overwatch account for $75 and after a lot of back and forth with the seller, (and a lot of waiting for replies - Several hours over a few days) I was granted an account. I logged in and was pretty chuffed with the account. However it was clearly an active player account. Messages from people on the friends list translating to "******* Russians" and "give his account back". And the overwatch account was active in-game 21 hours prior to me being on the account. I was told all accounts sold are inactive. Within a short few hours the account was recovered by the original owner, as per expected.
    I had messaged the seller several times over the course of an additional few days requesting I get a refund or even partial refund for time spent which I saw was fair.
    I have now been left with no account, and I'm $75 out of pocket.

    Not a good seller if you want to get secure accounts, and your moneys worth.