Sold Zynga Poker Chips 500B-5T

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  1. Hello :)

    Hello :)
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    Selling Zynga Poker Chips at the lowest prices and fastest service!
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    500B- 11$

    How do we transfer the chips?
    *Every transaction will be made through PlayerUp MiddleMan!
    Option 1:
    After your payment we will need your facebook email and password, We will log in and put the chips and then logout and you will change your password. You can give us any account you want! It can be your fake dummy account =).
    Option 2:
    After your payment we will need your Zynga Poker Acess Token which you can provide only thorugh your PC, We will guide you out how to find it and send us.
    Each option will take about 20-60minutes for us to transfer the chips.(Sometimes about 90+-minutes).

    Is there any warranty?
    At the moment we provide warranty for 30Minutes after we have finished putting the chips in your account.
    If you will get banned, chips reset or High tables locked we will replace the chips you have bought to another account if your account is Banned or has High Tables Locked! If your chips have been reset we will put again the chips in your account.

    What are the risks?
    Zynga Poker may Ban your zynga poker account or Reset your chips Or lock you from playing is high tables and lock you to play at 1/2M blind max.
    We don`t take any responsability for that! Buy at your own risk.
    By purchasing from us you agree to our terms.
    There won`t be any refund if one of the above will happen.

    Why to buy from us?
    We provide chips over 5Years and we have the experience to transfer the chips in the most professional way.
    We only accept transactions through PlayerUp MiddleMan for the max security assured.
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