Selling  Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Account - Salamangreats, Blue-Eyes, Staples, and more - 40USD (#)

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    All levels and areas unlocked and maxed, except for Arc-V World, at stage 14.
    Playable Salamangreat, Blackwing, Blue-Eyes, Elemental HEROES (2 Neos Fusion, 1 Sunrise, 3 Miracle Fusion, 1 Liquid Soldier), Six Samurai, Reinforcement of the Army, Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier. 1 Warning Point, 2 Forbidden Chalice, 3 Forbidden Lance, 1 D.D. Crow, Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon. 1 Monster Reborn, 1 Super Polymerization. 1 Mystical Spsce Typhoon, 2 Karma Cut, 2 Pot of Duality, 2 Knightmare Mermaid, 2 Galaxy Cyclone, 1 Steelswarm Roach, 1 Number 70: Malevolent Sin, 3 Cosmic Cyclone, 3 Magician's Navigation, 1 Dark Magic Circle, Masked Hero Blast, Shadow of the Six Samurai, 1 Stardust Warrior, 1 Resonators, and more. Over 500 unique URs obtained.
    Near complete Masked Heroes (3 Anki, 3 Mask Change, 1 Celestial, 1 Vyon) deck, complete Spellbook Engine (just the prophecy and Spell Cards, no Silent Magicians), complete Amazoness set (Queen, 3 Onslaught, 3 Princess), Invoked (3 Aliester, 2 Invocation, Elementsabers, Forgotten Temple), 1 Brionac, 1 Black Rose, 1 Goyo, 2 Power of the Guardians, 3 Magician's Navigation, 3 Red-Eyes Spirit, 3 Red-Eyes Wyvern, 1 Red-Eyes Fusion Six Samurais, (3 Shien, 3 Fuma, 3 Kizen, 3 United, 2 Dojo, 2 Enishi, 3 Dual Wield) Koa'ki Meiru playset (3 Maxmius, 3 Iron Core, 3 Diamond Core, 3 Urnknight, Iceman, Sandman, Rock Wall) 2 Treacherous Trap Hole, 3 Canadia, 3 Cosmic Cyclone, 1 Drowning Mirror Force, 3 Necrovalley, 3 Necrovalley Throne, 3 Supernaturalist, 3 Spiritualist, 3 Spy, 2 Quintet Magician, 2 Floodgate Trap Hole. 9999 Gems with 40+ pages of reserve, dreams tickets and other tickets available. 3 Egyptian Gods, all characters unlocked and leveled to max, several skills unlocked (Balance, Restart, Grit, Switcheroo, Beatdown, Cyber Style, A Trick Up the Sleeve, Endless Trap Hell, Destiny Draw, Fatal Five, Sealed Tombs, Posthumous Army, Spell of Roses, Xyz Hunter, Xyz Galaxy, Territory of the Sharks, Favorite Hero, The Ties That Bind, Harpie's Hunting Ground, Blackwing to the Top, Ultimate Evolution, and Parasite Infestation and Event Skills.)
    Any other questions just ask.
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