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    ***************************************************** you ****ing ***** love you scammer imma pin crack your account with the help of x0r you ****ing fat love you stupid love you viet (no offense to all the viets)

    excuse me ok can you please show or have a proove that i scam you ( which i did not ) if i scam why would i use a MM. -.-

    want me to show the ss's and how come you gave me 1023 as a pin then you blocked me you ****ing viet love you

    Show the SS's or shut it.

    And stop with the racist comments.

    lol hhahaaha he dnt haave it.. trust me lol cause i didnt trade anything the whole day..

    im a witness i know he told me the pinwas 1023 and i told nennen but it wasnt working look i have proof from chat log

    Messenger Plus! Chat Log

    Session Start: Saturday, June 23, 2007

    TnA Ghetto Soldier ([email protected])

    Andy ([email protected])

    (4:27 PM) Andy:hi(4:27 PM) TnA Ghetto Soldi:WHY YOU SCAM CHICO(4:27 PM) Andy:id ditns cam you(4:27 PM) Andy:eek:.0(4:27 PM) Andy:the pin(4:27 PM) Andy:is(4:27 PM) Andy:really 1023(4:27 PM) Andy:just i change it(4:28 PM) Andy:haha(4:28 PM)Andy is now Offline

    That could easily be edited.

    Take SS's next time

    lol nice ss

    if that is your proof i can do a million more like that...-.- and probably even better then that..

    lmfao nenne you can go to hell facking noob you hacked me remember i even posted proof doent trust this fackign guy i fackign hope he die

    ey nennen burn in hell

    he tok my lvl 81 dk in scania i posted proof
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.