[WWT] Votan Lv.44 Elyos Sorc vs. Asmodian Equal ( 1 2)

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    Huu, I am trading a Lv.44 Elyos Sorcerer at the Realm Votan. Reasons: Want to play with my asmodean friends. btw: This account was never noticed badly, no reports, insults whatever. Typical MMORPGName/Apperance. The Account itself: Equipment: Xenophon’s Tome [Golden item, Spyquestreward, relativly rare and hard to achive] Green/Blue Setparts from Steelrake Guardian Commando’s Shoes with 20% Movementspeed [blue] Questreward from Steelrake "Koruchinerk’s Bandana" Headband [golden Item/hard to achive] Abyss Rank 4 [40k+ Abysspoints] Bonus: Collectors Edition inkl. all exclusive Items(like the Wings etc.) Some Twinks: Assasine 23, Gladiator 18, little Cleric [AH Char.] Jobs: Tailoring EXPERT: 400/449 Extract Vitality: 293/299 Collection Aether: 78/99 My suggestions: An Asmodian Account, would be nice on Votan, doesnt matter. - almost the same levelrange - nearly equal equipment - high skilled jobs would be nice, even better if they were Expert (fav. Alchemy/Handicrafting/Weaponsmith) - fav. classes Kantor/Assasin/Sorc - whatever.. ::UPDATE::UPDATE::UPDATE::UPDATE::UPDATE:: Also trading him now for € via PayPal. PM me with ur Offers. Important: Just write to me, I am open to every offer - even if it is not quite according to my suggestions. I think in that case, we could still see, if the offer is quite acceptable for both sides and if we could make an arrangement. According to this, I hope, that you are open for compromises, as I am. So: When your offer is defenitly more worth, as mine, I am intended to increase my offer and put some things on top (for example € etc.], as I allready said, it's just a question of argument. Ingamename or Link to AION-Livestatus only at serious offers. I hope, that u're interested and I get a lot of responses Contact: ICQ:378-975-517 EMail: mtz(at)ist-einmalig(punkt)de Komme aus Deutschland, nur für die Interessenten aus GER. Last but not least the censored AION-Livestatus of the Char.
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