WTT: ZIN' ROCK, Thunderfury, Amani Bear, x3 Glad Frostwyrms, 357pve ilvl! 7/8 T6. FULL T2

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    This is the account YOU have been looking for! So much to this account, i will just give a brief run down of the quality of this account. Warrior: 357 Prot (11 epics) / 354 Fury (8-9 epics) ZINROCK the DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!! FURY OF ANGERFORGE trinket DMC: Hurricane! THUNDERFURY Tons of T2-T10.5 AMANI WARBEAR Kingslayer HAND OF ADAL Astral Walker Starcaller Undying Ironbound Proto Rusted and Red Proto X53 Touring Rocket Headless Horseman Nether rays Nether Drakes FURIOUS GLAD FROSTWORM Turtle! 6 pages of mounts!!!! All cata reps EXALTED Max Professions Too much to list! _______________________ Rogue : 351 PvE Mutilate (6 epics) UNHEADING WARNING trinket Headless Horseman Mount Max Professions _______________________ Death Knight: 327 PvE Kingslayer Starcaller DEADLY GLAD Frostworm Twilight Drake Rusted Proto Max Professions _______________________ Paladin: Holy PvE 344ilvl Max Professions Nether Drakes SWIFT ZULIAN TIGER (UNOBTAINABLE) ____________________ 81 Druid lots of vanity (KINGSLAYER) 84 Hunter 344ilvl (KINGSLAYER) 25k gold over all toons Let the offers start. *LET IT BE KNOWN. I WILL NOT LET ANYONE LOG ONTO THIS ACCOUNT. I WILL PERSONALLY SHOW EACH TOON IN GAME, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT TO VIEW THESE. *REAL ARMORIES WILL NOT BE GIVEN *TWV members or 800+ posts or 3 years of activity for me to even hold a conversation with you. I do NOT have the ID to this account, but I do have ALL information and this account is absolutely safe. The warrenty of this is set, IF bought (will not let this go lightly), i will protect your purchase until you post on the forums with it. After that, warranty is voided. I am voiding my warranty from my seller, but as I said, NO ONE WILL LOG ON THIS ACCOUNT UNTIL PAYMENT IS SENT. If you do NOT agree, take yourself somewhere else. I AM LOOKING FOR AN ELITE aion account. Come get this account. Be repped, Be serious about your offer. Selling this as well. Hit me up.
Thread Status:
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