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    im am looking for something that is either gold or plat i can also add cash Ontop$$$$$$$$$ here is what i have 77 Champs, 32 skins unobtainable and legendary along with 3172 RP 3300 IP silver 3 akali skin alistar skin amumu skin annie skin anivia ashe blitz brand skin cait cass cho corki skin mundo draven Darius elise evelynn ezreal pulsfire fiddlsticks fizz galio gangplank skin garen new skinn gragas skin graves jann j4 jax skin karma skin kass kat kayle kennen skin kog skin lee sin skin lix skin malphite yi skin morgana nasus skin nidalee skin nunu olaf skin pantheon skin poppy skin rammus renekton skin rengar riven rumble ryze Zombie ryze shaco skin shen singed sion skin sona soraka swain taric teemo legendary tritana skin trundle skin tryndameer twisted fate skin twitch udyr vayne vladimir skin warwick skin xin zhao yorick zilean zyra Zed Leona - Menuer i also have a ton of rep on different website which i can show you at your request - - - Updated - - - also willing to sell for $100
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.