WTT: WTT/WTS 60 Templar Geared. Tiamat Server Asmo

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    I wanna trade my 60 templar for a spirit master. I will sell for cash as well if the offer is good. Veteran Account permanent Temp gears: +15 Vasharti GS comb arena 55 2c gs (gold silence godstone) +10 Kahrun gs comb arena 55 2c gs (blind godstone) +10 Extandable GS comb 50 1c gs (silence godstone) +10 Vasharti Sword (gold fire damage godstone) +10 Arena 55 2c Shield Kahrun shield +12 50 ap pvp set (crit/attack) +15 40 ap pvp set (crit/acc) 55 2c arena set (+7 chest, +5 pants) (mr) Vasharti pve set (block/hp) accessories: 55 2c arena chain helm (best for templar) 60 ap pvp neckless 60 ap pvp belt 50 siel of power pvp ring (best ring in game) 55 ap pvp ring 55 ap pvp earing 55 ap pvp earing 60 Kahrun wings Extras: 560,000 Ap 90 Mithril Medals 480 Armorsmith 360 Alchemy 399 essence tapping Much more...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.