WTT: WTT/S 50 Asmodian Spiritmaster! 60+ Million Kinah with TONS of Medals/Items for WoW!!

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    What is your character specs? Title pretty much said it all. 50 SM with around 60 Million Kinah, I don't know if its a little less or over that amount but I guarantee it is darn close to it. Character has Betoni's Tome w/ Fenris Boots & Gloves. Also has the Steel Beard Pirate's Set + Anuhart Blue. Done all the campaign quests + 6 month veteran wings! Almost all rare titles unlocked + rare vanity gear! Comes with a City of Heroes/Villains account on the NCSoft Account linked with the Aion account. What am I asking for? - Must have POSITIVE REP! Not from just a random person, but a steady link of positive reps! - Level 80 World of Warcraft Account. Must have good gear + epic flyer and etc... already set. Entry in Cataclysm Beta is a BIG PLUS! I'm honestly looking for this account to go into good hands, this has NEVER touched any botting programs FYI. Also never suspended or any violations on it. I am also looking for the WoW Account to be very long term, so no recalling or anything stupid hence why will only trade or sell to somebody honest with rep. Some Info About Me - Cataclysm looks very promising and fun so wanting to get back into touch with WoW - Aion is an amazing MMORPG and runs flawless on the Crysis Engine, but I don't have time to put into it anymore, hence why WoW = Casual Friendly. - Had some sketchy people back in the spamsite days who were ruthless and I guess one of those "Started off on a bad foot" things for me, hence why for the negative mark. But I can discuss on phone with you, give you personal information and etc... so we will keep in contact! This is more than a business/trade deal and looking for friendship with trader/buyer. How to contact me? - Post on this thread first, then IM me on a AIM screen name I set up for this purpose which is Aionfanboi09 or you can private message me here.
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